Ten Top Places to Fly Drones in the US

While federal law may prevent drone flying in any U.S. National Parks, it doesn’t mean you should call a hard stop on exploring the country’s possibilities. There’s a horde of places to visit and add to your dream destination list. 

Looking to plan a cross-country drone piloting trip, or maybe just find a nearby location for a weekend aerial photography getaway? Check out the list below for a collection of stunning spots across America’s 50 states that provide beautiful views and experiences for drone pilots, no matter where you call home. 

Bitterroot Valley, Montana 

Located in southwestern Montana, Bitterroot Valley awes visitors with its grand showcase of the great American west. With sweeping mountains, ranges and hills, it’s an ideal place for drones to soar across wide open landscapes. You can take the bird’s eye approach and fly above extensive forests and nature, or get close to the ground to zigzag between foliage and rivers. You might even be able to snap a shot of some of the Valley’s trademark wildlife, which includes elks, upland birds, and waterfowl. 

Key Largo, Florida 


Looking for something tropical and warm? The Florida Keys may be your perfect location. Clear blue skies, sandy beaches, and translucent oceans make Key Largo not only a top favorite for tourists, but drone pilots as well. Whether you’re capturing the colorful seawater and peeking at the flora and fauna underneath, or focusing on the pure white sands and collections of palm trees, you’ll leave Key Largo with footage (or memories) that’ll make you feel like you’re always on vacation. 

Mount Evans, Colorado 

Have you added one of the most famous American landmarks to your drone bucket list yet? Mount Evans in Colorado stands out as the highest peak in the Front Rage of the Rocky Mountains, and lives up to its lengthy reputation. The peak dominates the western skyline, with beautiful views of the sky, other mountains, and bodies of water. 

Prince William Sound, Alaska 

Grab a winter coat (or two), because despite its chilling location, the majestic views of Prince William Sound will make you forget you were even cold in the first place. Found in the gulf of Alaska, the area is known for its beautiful scenery. Take your drone here to explore forests, waterfalls, glaciers, and if you plan your trip correctly, even see the northern lights. Visitors can also see some of the area’s famous wildlife, which includes huge humpback whales! 

Ozark Mountains, Arkansas 

If you’re looking for another mountain range to awe your socks off, head down south to Arkansas. While the state is full of popular destinations for drone pilots, one of the most beloved is the Ozark Mountains, for its sky-high views of forests, hills, and other landforms. The area is also prone to sunsets that’ll leave you speechless, as shown in the video above. 

Sandy Beach Park, Hawaii 


Great settings for drone photography are seemingly everywhere in Hawaii.  A favorite for natives and visitors of Hawaii alike, Sandy Beach is known for two things – powerful shore breaks/waves and fine, delicate sand. So while you may want to avoid diving into the park’s waters unless you’re an experienced swimmer or surfer, the views can result in some awesome drone views. A beautiful, isolated stretch of sand that lays just beyond the Halona Blowhole rock formation, Sandy Beach is a magnificent scene not to be missed. 

ShoShone WaterFalls, Idaho 

This Idaho location is a rare mix of both natural and man-made beauty. With majestic waterfalls that cascade over snow-capped mountains, ShoShone is ideal for guiding your drone through a beautiful canyon. But also enjoy the nearby Perrine Bridge, an amazing architecture feature that looks straight from an old-time Western movie. 

Bar Harbor, Maine


The busy seaport of Bar Harbor, Maine meets picturesque small towns, all set against the backdrop of beautiful New England foliage. A charming coastal community, it’s full of rich history and appealing nature, making it a dream destination for both you and your drone. Feel free to spend the days capturing the scenery, and then ending off your night by trying famous Maine lobster! 

Malibu, California

What’s a tour of the United States without sunny California? Head down to Malibu for summery views, iconic culture, and weather that’s so nice, you can almost feel it in the above video. A relaxing, remote counterpart to busy cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, drone piloting in Malibu allows you to take in the beautiful waves and sands at your own pace.

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire 

Our last featured location is another New England staple, the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Plan this trip for fall – it’s majestic combination of red, yellow, and orange tree leaves is only made even more beautiful by using aerial photography for a bird’s eye view. The forest contains various features to explore, including the Saco Lake, Albany Covered Bridge, Lower Falls Scenic Area, and Rocky Gorge bridge. 

Those are ten of our top picks for places to fly drones in the U.S., but think of it as only a beginning – there’s so many sights out there to explore, and what better way to capture them than a drone?

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