Florida Keys Aerial

Overseas Highway to The Keys

If you’re looking for a setting to capture aerial photos of South Florida, but would prefer a more low-key, remote, area than Miami, then the Florida Keys is your answer. Depending on the traffic but it usually takes about 4 hours from Miami to get to the most southern part of the North America continent through the Overseas Highway.  That might seem like an excruciatingly long drive, but it’s definitely worth a visit. The Florida Keys has good food, great music, and rich nature, but that’s not all; the islands offer plenty of activities to keep a traveler occupied and has many sights to see while there and on your way. It is a perfect weekend getaway for family, couple, or a group of friends.


Check the Weather

Florida is beautiful year round; however, keep in mind that you might encounter rain from time to time. Fortunately, the rain will come and go just like any remote island in the middle of the ocean. The Atlantic hurricane season usually occurs from June through November so plan your trip accordingly. You will notice that most residential homes and buildings were built to withhold the heavy rain, flooding, and hurricanes as it gets pretty bad almost every year.


Getting There

If you’re not familiar with the keys, there’s only one highway called “overseas highway” that will get you from the mainland all the way to Key West. It is about 113-mile long highway. Therefore, if there’s an accident, the traffic can get pretty congested. With the similar reason, finding a parking spot along the road to fly your drone can be very tricky. Even though your first sight of the keys may look pretty mesmerising but from the sky it may have a different view.


Choosing a Location

Keep in mind that not every spot in the Keys offers an equally beautiful and scenic view. One tip to find a good spot to fly your drone is to look for shallow water. This will show a good visibility of coral reef and underwater as well as a different shade of blue. My trick was on my way down to the keys I keep an eye out for the spot I want to shoot and mark it on the map. This way on my way back to the mainland, I’d know exactly where to stop and shoot without having to fumble my way around.



Timing is also another important element. I find it most beautiful around noon where the sun angle is almost 90 degrees to the surface to bring out all the color of this beautiful water. When the water is still, you will get to see the reflection of the sky on the surface. One amazing thing about the Keys is that you will get to see sunset and sunrise everyday and almost from anywhere if weather permits. However, don’t forget to pack your ND and polarising lens.



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