13 Best Drone Photography Accounts to Follow on Instagram

If you’re obsessed with drones and aerial photography like we are, chances are you’re following a few drone photography Instagram accounts. From nature to abstract artistic photos, there’s an overwhelming amount of drone photography accounts to follow. We’ve curated the 13 best drone Instagram accounts that you have to follow––and that will have you double tapping and drooling like never before. 


1. @friiidaberg: 12.1k followers

Sweden born and England raised, Frida Berg uses her Instagram account to convey her love for colors, patterns, and landscapes. Her aerial photography has a strong artistic twist to it, most likely due to Berg’s background in photography and art. Her account just goes to show you that beautiful, abstract photography doesn’t have to be limited to a DSLR––Berg uses the medium of drone photography to tell a unique story, which her 12.1k followers seem to be a huge fan of. Her work also has an incredibly visually compelling emphasis on isolation, which seems to be a consistent theme on her account. You can find more of Berg’s work here


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2. @WomenWhoDrone: 40.3k followers

With 40.3k followers and growing, this Instagram account focuses on exactly what you might think it does: women who drone. The account’s main focus is to “Close the gender gap by inspiring, educating, & empowering women with drone technology.”  Each post features photos shot by female drone pilots. While their photos are gorgeous and skillfully shot, Women Who Drone represents so much more than that. Indeed, it focuses on bringing attention to the lack of women in STEM, and specifically, female drone pilots. You can learn more about them on their website



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3. @drone.pilot: 21.8k

Creative director and founder of Drone Gear Alex Kav uses his this Instagram account as a way to demonstrate his skill as a drone certified pilot. His account showcases his many travels and the subsequent drone footage he’s captured, including trips to New Zealand, LA, Spain, Switzerland, and Hong Kong, and more. He adds a very personal touch to his posts, often including photos with long, detailed captions. While he never compromises the professionalism of his posts, these captions and featured family photos add a sweet, personal touch to the account. Find more of Kav’s work here


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4. @Dronefootage_official: 2.7k followers

If you’re looking for a purely aesthetically pleasing drone photography account to follow, then look no further. @dronefootage_official features some of the most stunning aerial shots & 360 degree photography and videos that we’ve seen in a while. If you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed, any posts found on this account will stop you in your tracks and have you double tapping. This simplicity of this account makes it worth a follow, as well as the range of content and featured locations.


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5. @saltywings: 161k followers

Jampal Williamson and Michael Goetze are the founders of Salty Wings, a team obsessed with capturing abstract and intriguing imagery. The two discovered their love for aerial photography upon “sending their drones on a 20,000km journey along the coast of Western Australia, capturing its expansive, breathtaking, earthliness in high resolution.” Their beautiful Instagram account (with a mighty 161k followers) reflects this passion through saturated and skillfully captured photography. Learn more about the duo here



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6. @DroneoftheDay: 262k followers

If you use the hashtag #droneoftheday, you might just be lucky enough to be featured on this drone centric Instagram account of the same name. Sporting 261k followers, this account works to bring attention to a different awesome drone accounts with every post. The variety of featured artists/pilots highlights a variety of looks and styles while still managing to follow the Instagram trend (and unspoken rule) of following an “aesthetic theme” on their grid.


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7. @youwhoosh: 34.9k followers

Their account claims to use and feature “The best video equipment, the coolest bloggers, the most epic place, and the finest views.” It showcases footage from a variety of accounts that feature their best #YouWhoosh, which can be parkour, flips, tricks, and generally pretty epic moves. All of the footage is captured either by drone or action cam, which is what’s so cool about this account––not only the footage, but the equipment that was used to capture it. 


8. @Angelo_q: 8.5k followers

This Columbia born, Oahu-based drone pilot and photographer likes to pair inspirational quotes to his beautifully shot photography. Angelo’s wide range of travel destinations are featured on his account, as well as his YouTube channel. His photos are incredibly dream-like in their composition, making it almost difficult to believe that his photos depict real life places! He also has an incredible “Underwater” highlight on his account where he captures some of his incredible experiences with diving and sea life. You can also find a highlight titled “Giving Back,” in which his work with charities and non-profits are brought to light. 

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9. @stianmklo: 266k followers

Stian Klo is a Norway based drone pilot and photographer with an impressive 276k Instagram followers. He is an award-winning landscape photographer, so it should come as no surprise that his work is absolute eye-candy. His account highlights are organized by the locations he’s visited and the companies he’s worked for, which makes sifting through his work super easy and enjoyable. Klo co-founded Lofoten Tours, a Norwegian company that focuses on leading photography tours and workshops in Arctic Norway. You can find more of his work here


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10. @tommy.clarke: 62.k followers

Verified photographer and director Tommy Clarke turns to Instagram––and his 61.9k followers––to show off his skills with a drone. His account interestingly juxtaposes images of the never-before-seen, and the seen-every-day––both of which we can’t get enough of. Whether it’s an aerial shot of an island that looks oddly like the surface of an undiscovered planet, or simply an image of his film scouting locations, we’ll double tap whatever he wants to post. 


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11. @rrrudya: 76.5k followers

Berlin based photographer (and comedian) Alina Rudya is a breath of fresh air within the drone community. She takes conventional drone and aerial photography and flips it on its head––literally. Her work is mostly likely nothing you’ve ever seen before, as she beautifully combines her artistic eye with her comedic cheek. Her Instagram account is verified, and she boasts an impressive 76.5k followers. 


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12. @DronesofEarth: 46.2k followers

Drones of Earth’s account features just that: photos of Earth. What is so interesting about this account is just how simple it is, and yet how visually appealing and compelling it is––which makes their impressive 40.4k followers no surprise. It really doesn’t try to be anything it’s not. Accounts like these seem to be what Instagram is truly meant for––exposing users to totally new and unfamiliar concepts. If you scroll through the account, you can see areas of Earth that you never even knew existed, and there is something truly beautiful about that experience. 


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13. @airpixels: 565k followers

Tobias Hägg’s Instagram account has an aesthetic and visual twist to it that is difficult to identify, but is automatically compelling to the eye. His verified account, Air Pixels, proudly sits at a whopping 560k followers, which should be no surprise due to his unquestionable talent and artistic eye. If you decide to follow Hägg, you will most likely see a side to drone photography that you’ve never seen before. Check out more of his work here.


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