Our Team


Dan Edmonson

Founder & CEO

Dan has helped launch, build, and grow several successful startups, and brings his deep entrepreneurial experience to the company. Prior to founding Dronegenuity, he co-founded a successful Business Process Outsourcing firm in the Philippines, conceptualized and wrote the business plan for an upscale children’s activity franchisor in the U.S., and co-founded a successful digital marketing firm.


Dan’s work experience includes a role at IBM Cognos and he was an early employee at DARTdrones Flight School, where he developed curriculum, taught an online course, managed business development, and assisted with strategic and tactical marketing efforts.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of North Texas, and later earned his MBA from Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Dan was born in Missouri, but grew up in both Texas & Connecticut. He also lived in New Jersey and the Philippines before settling in Massachusetts, where he lives with his wife and three young children.

Stetson Doggett

Marketing Manager

In 2011, Stetson started his own YouTube channel, and since then has filmed, edited, and uploaded over 130 videos. He is skilled at creating websites in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Stetson brings his video editing and web development expertise to Dronegenuity, where he works on editing videos for clients and refining and enhancing the user experience of the Dronegenuity website.

Stetson was born in Maine, but moved to Massachusetts when he turned two. He loves technology and creating digital content. When not staring at a screen, Stetson enjoys tossing the disk, playing board games, and going for runs.

Lisa Edmonson

Education Administration

Lisa graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in Education before later going on to earn her Master’s degree and BCBA designation.

Lisa grew up in Edison, NJ and Shrewsbury, MA. She loves summers at the Jersey Shore, cooking, and spending time with her three children.


Justin Delaney

E-Commerce Advisor

Justin Delaney is the Founder & CEO of Menguin, and brings his extensive knowledge of e-commerce and customer service to Dronegenuity. Justin previously served as a pricing specialist with Delta Airlines after earning his MBA from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Justin has traveled to more than 85 countries and has lived in California, Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Georgia, Kentucky, and Arkansas.


Bob Edmonson

Real Estate

Bob grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL before moving to Dallas to attend SMU and then to the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, where he earned his MBA. After spending years in the CPG industry in the Midwest, Bob returned to Texas to where he became involved in both commercial and residential real estate markets. He was recently named a D Magazine Best Realtor in 2015, his ninth time being so recognized. His expertise is also recognized by the Federal Reserve Board of Dallas, which has invited Bob to contribute regularly to the Beige Book, the Federal Reserve’s periodic report on the economy.

Baby Michael


Michael brings his love of bright colors and flying objects to the company. He enjoys rolling over, eating, smiling, and spending time with his family.

He has no social media accounts at this time.

Our Core Values


Our primary value is, well, value. Eliminate the costs and risk of investing in equipment, maintenance, depreciation, replacement, obsolescence, software, insurance, training, and certification.


Our pilots aren’t occasional drone users; instead, they are specialists and enthusiasts who turn the pride they take in their work into unbeatable service for our customers.


We help you skip the intimidating, time-consuming, and costly process of drone implementation; instead, we simply give you what you want: amazing aerial footage and valuable information.

Making it Easy

We believe we can help businesses of all sizes take advantage of drone services by eliminating the complexity and challenges of doing it themselves.

Our Process

Contact Us

  • 01

    Describe the nature of your project and what you hope to accomplish.

  • 02

    Tell us when and where you would like us to fly.

  • 03

    We will review your project and determine what steps, if necessary, will be required to fulfill your request.

  • 04

    We will determine whether the FAA has any temporary flight restrictions or if, for instance, we will need to contact Air Traffic Control for approval.

Direct Communication

  • 01

    We will follow up with you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • 02

    We will send a pilot to your location to fly at the determined time and place.

  • 03

    Your pilot will send us the data he gathers.

  • 04

    We review and edit the imagery.

Follow Up

  • 01

    We will notify you when our team has finished editing your imagery.

  • 02

    We will send you a link where you can download the imagery.