Aerial Mapping Services


Our drones can produce sophisticated 2D maps and 3D digital elevation models that enable you to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data. Orthomosaic maps are created with a large number of overlapping photos covering a defined area. After capturing precise aerial imagery, we then use software to stitch the photos into georectified orthomosaics.

orthomosaic farm aerial map

You can harness the meta-information found within the geo-referenced orthomosaics to compute point clouds, volumetrics, NDVI, 3D digital surface and terrain models.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images are captured with drone cameras that can see in both the visual and the near-infrared spectrum. The images can provide critical data on plant health by measuring the current amount of chlorophyll in the vegetation.  

ndvi farm crop health image

Powerful 3D Models

We will provide you with an advanced 3D model of your land. You can fully interact with the model and use it to perform calculations, including measuring distance, area, and volume. These tools are ideal for getting measurements of construction sites, calculating areas of fields, and understanding where where equipment is located.

3d model

Sound Complex?

It shouldn’t.  You don’t have to be an engineer to enjoy the many significant benefits of digital mapping.  The complexities take place on the back-end, and up front, you get to view and manipulate fascinating imagery & data.  

For You

The data provided by the maps can help you with inspections, asset management, determining raw materials requirements, and collaborating with stakeholders in remote locations.

For Your Clients

Impress and educate your clients with cutting-edge and easily obtainable technology. We can provide you with up to date 2D and 3D maps of a property or area that can easily be embedded on your website or shared with them digitally.

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