A Drone Visits Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a great place to capture drone footage in Massachusetts, look no further than its premier beach getaway, Cape Cod. Known by locals as simply “The Cape,” this peninsula is comprised of one quaint beach town after another. Loaded with fun family adventures, Cape Cod offers everything from mini golf, to bumper boats, to harbor cruises.  Equipped with a DJI Phantom 4 drone, we took a tour of the Cape and filmed and photographed many of the amazing sites and things to do in Provincetown, Dennis, and beyond.


Provincetown, MA

One of the most popular tourist spots on Cape Cod is Provincetown, located at the very tip of the peninsula. With only about 2,000 year round residents, Provincetown comes alive during the summer months, when the population multiplies to about 65,000 seasonal residents and visitors. Provincetown is famous for its downtown area, full of unique antique shops and novelty stores. The downtown area also features dozens of waterfront restaurants serving seafood so fresh it was swimming this morning. The most notorious of these restaurants is the Lobster Pot, luring tourists in with huge lobster tanks and a giant, neon lobsters. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, the Lobster Pot features a huge variety of fresh seafood, from lobster rolls to fish and chips, and each table has breathtaking ocean views.


Just outside of the downtown strip lies one of Massachusetts’ hidden treasures: the Sand Dunes on Cape Cod National Seashore. Only members of Art’s Dune Tours are allowed to drive around the dunes, but hikers are welcome to explore on foot. And of course, please remember the FAA prohibits drone flights in national parks.  Any other motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited on the dunes, due to the effect that cars and dune buggies had on the vegetation and wildlife. But within the past 30 years, the vegetation has regrown and the dunes are now full of life. But the most intriguing feature of the dunes is the shacks that are sprinkled within the rolling hills. These shacks are protected as national landmarks, and have remained unchanged for nearly 40 years. Poets, writers, and artists travel from miles around for a chance to spend a week in one of these shacks without electricity or indoor plumbing as an escape from the stress and noise of civilization.


DronegenuityBut don’t forget about the main attraction: the beaches! Provincetown is surrounded on 3 sides by miles of stunning shoreline, including Herring Cove Beach, Race Point Beach, and Long Point Beach. Herring Cove Beach is located on the west coast of Provincetown, and features incredible sunsets over the water. It was named one of America’s Best All-Time Beaches by Region by the Travel Channel. Along the northern shore of the peninsula is Race Point Beach, featuring Race Point Lighthouse. This beach is ideal to take a long walk or jog, or even bike along the bike trails. And, standing on the edge of Long Point Beach, one is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Dennis, MA

The beach town of Dennis, Massachusetts, encompasses the spirit of Cape Cod. It extends from the south shore of Cape Cod all the way to the north shore, which is only about 8 miles from top to bottom. The local businesses and quaint shops stray from the usual chain establishments, and give the town a feeling of community. Whether you’re grabbing breakfast at The Breakfast Room, ice cream at Krista K’s, or shopping for hoodies at Cuffy’s, you’ll probably run into a neighbor or old friend.


Dennis also has a variety of different activities and events that the whole family will enjoy. The most popular beach, Mayflower Beach, is located on the north shore of Dennis, on Cape Cod Bay. Situated on a sandbar, the crystal clear water is almost always shallow and calm, perfect for relaxing and wading in the water. Dennis also offers Lobster Roll Cruises, a fun and unique experience for date night. Or you can rent kayaks from one of many different locations, and paddle up Bass River.




Cape Cod Canal

DronegenuityCape Cod is separated from the rest of Massachusetts by a man-made body of water called Cape Cod Canal. This 7 mile long man-made body of water stretches from Cape Cod Bay in the north to Buzzards Bay in the south. It was originally constructed in the beginning of the 20th century, but was later expanded to accommodate larger boats and higher volumes of traffic. This canal shortened the journey from New York City to Boston by 63 miles. Today, there are only two bridges that cross the canal, the Bourne Bridge and the Sagamore Bridge.  The bridges make great subjects for aerial panoramas, as can be seen below.


Today, Cape Cod canal has many recreational uses as well as commercial uses. The scenic drive around the canal has many overlook points and parks with stunning views. These points are ideal not only for photography, but for fishing, walking, jogging, or biking, as well. The Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center offers tons of information about the history of the canal, as well as interactive exhibits and presentations. This visitor center is perfect for those looking to learn more about the fascinating story of the Cape Cod Canal. On the northeast corner of the canal lies Scusset State Beach Reservation. Not only does this beach offer RV and tent camping facilities, but it also marks the beginning of the trail leading to Sagamore Hill, a location filled with historical significance.

Cape Cod is beloved by locals and tourists alike, as it is an escape from the noise and chaos of everyday life. Once you cross the bridge off the mainland and onto the Cape, it is clear that Cape Cod is a special place. Much of Cape Cod hasn’t changed for years, and the getaways remarkable authenticity has been well preserved. Whether you are an amateur film maker, or a professional drone photographer hoping to enjoy your workday, the Cape is the perfect place for a quaint and relaxing beach getaway in Massachusetts.

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