The Green at Plum Creek

Our team visited The Green at Plum Creek apartment complex in Kyle, TX, to create an energetic and informative marketing video. Stunning aerial drone shots are combined for a gorgeous cinematic video that piece grabs the viewer’s attention and showcases the beauty of the property.

Fluid Systems

Fluid Systems manufactures user-friendly equipment for the oil, gas, and mining industries. When they requested aerial footage to display their equipment in action, we were totally on board. We sent our professional drone pilots to a site near San Antonio, TX, and recorded stunning aerial video of Fluid System’s equipment at work. Our video is now on the Fluid Systems home page!

Splash Car Wash

We worked with Splash Car Wash in Bedford Hills, NY to create interesting and exciting way to display their business. What better way than aerial drone photography? Our pilots captured the whole process––from dirty car to clean car––from the sky and in the splash zone. The footage was then handed off to our team of skilled editors, who compiled and edited shots into an engaging video highlighting all aspects of the Splash Car Wash business.

Riceland Healthcare

Aerial drone photography is on the bleeding edge of aerial imagery, and capturing stunning images from above was the perfect way to help Riceland Healthcare stand out in the healthcare business. Our video work isn’t limited to just drones! We conducted executive interviews and filmed Riceland’s Houston-area facilities both indoors and from the sky. Our HD video footage showcases Riceland’s facilities and allows viewers to understand the treatment centers and place their trust in a healthcare provider with a personal touch.

Emerald Coast RV Beach Resort

The Emerald Coast RV Beach one of the highest rated RV resorts in the United States. It offers beautiful facilities, included 2 heated swimming pools, 2 ponds, large parking spots, a playground, and only 1 mile from the Panama City Beach. For this project we captured breathtaking aerial imagery of the park, highlighting its features in an exciting and engaging way.

235 Highland Ave, Newton, MA

For this residential real estate project we flew our DJI Phantom 4 up in the sky to capture the impressive home located at 235 Highland Ave, Newton, MA. We recorded various shots at different heights and angles, making sure to showcase the natural beauty of the property and of the home. Along with captivating video work, we also took high-definition still photos for the online listing page. Aerial drone video is the only way truly capture the feel and scale of a space, making it perfect for residential properties.

Oklahoma Real Estate

There is no better way to showcase a gorgeous 95 acre property than with incredible drone footage. For this residential real estate project in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, we worked with the realtor to gather a diverse amount of drone shots highlighting the home and the property. During the editing process, we were also able to add important property details throughout the video using professional text animations. Prospective buyers can now see the home, the land, and important information about the property in one simple, compelling video.

Wellesley Massachusetts Residential

Drone footage is excellent for putting beautiful properties on display. This home in Wellesley, MA, uses drone video to highlight its gorgeous swimming pool, its deck and balcony, its friendly neighborhood, and its distinct design. The video tells a lot about the property in an elegant manner, and the drone footage captures the exterior in a way traditional photography simply cannot.

Horizontal Drilling

Drones are perfect for capturing energy projects from they sky. They’re small, stay out of the way, and still capture amazing videos. For this project we worked with a horizontal drilling service to film and edit a drone video following the progress of their water pipeline installation project. Because of the wide angle lens on the drone, we were able to record the huge machinery and equipment, and even show the long pipes being moved. Our drone footage was edited together with video we shot on the ground to create a finished product showcasing the entirety of the project.

BBVA Compass Bank

Even drones can go through drive-throughs! See our BBVA Compass Bank video, where we use aerial drone video to capture the store’s prime location in Scottsdale, AZ, and showcase the surrounding area. The aerial video captivates audiences and highlights key aspects of commercial real estate properties. With a maximum altitude of 400 feet, drones are perfect for photographing entire shopping plazas and nearby landmarks.

Alpharetta Healthcare

Westchester Real Estate

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