Drone Video Services

If you’ve ever used a drone video service before, you’ll likely know two things:

1) drones are capable of producing breathtaking video footage, and
2) aerial drone photographers are not all alike.

Filming smooth and captivating video with a drone isn’t easy. Just like simply buying a new set of golf clubs won’t turn anyone into Phil Mickelson, purchasing an expensive drone and obtaining FAA certification doesn’t instantly turn one into the Ansel Adams of the Air. With this in mind, we hand pick our photographers and videographers based on your company’s needs to ensure a successful project.

We provide three tiers of drone video service, because just like drone photographers, video projects are not all alike.

Elite Fleet

Our premium videography services are a great fit for media companies or businesses looking for top-notch video to display on their websites or to share with clients. We can incorporate executive interviews, internal stock footage, and custom graphics and animations at your request.

Professional Video Filming

These videos are perfect for customers who desire attractive marketing videos to feature a place, product, or service. Commercial real estate properties, equipment leasing services, and more can be a great match.

Unedited Footage

These videos are perfect for anyone who is looking to use the footage to achieve a basic goal, often research or learning related. Lawyers and legal professionals can also use raw footage as evidence in court. Although some choose to use these videos for marketing purposes, most customers like these videos for internal use.

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