8601 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76134

We completed this project for a client seeking photos and drone video for a commercial real estate marketing package.

Audience & Goals
The intended audience for this shoot was buyers of commercial real estate; this audience typically likes to see vehicles, activity, ingress, egress, highway activity, neighboring businesses, residential rooftops, active drive thrus, packed parking lots for subject property and surrounding businesses.  Our goal was to communicate anything to demonstrate that the location is desirable and successful.

Client Shot Requests
Our client sought at least one shot from each of the four sides including the front and back and left and right sides. Also, views of McDonald’s and other neighboring restaurants in the same shot as the subject Starbucks.  We shot at a time of day that would help us avoid empty parking lots for the subject and surrounding locations and on a date with mostly clear skies.


8601 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76134

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Project Highlights

What we did

We captured high definition RAW images at 15901 N Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76177 at varying heights and angles.

  • RAW Photos
  • Aerial photos
  • Post processing


About the Drone

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro brings unbelievable performance to an unbelievable form factor. It packs the latest tech from DJI and captures amazing aerial images.


  • 12MP HD Camera
  • 4K UHD Video Recording
  • 3-Axis Stabilization
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