New Pilot Photography Training 2 Course Bundle


This package will provide you access to online training.  Hone your drone expertise by completing the following included courses:

  • Online Aerial Photography Course
  • Online Photo Editing Course

Aerial Photography

The Dronegenuity Aerial Photography Course is a fantastic introduction to the world of aerial photography! We leverage our extensive experience working with pilots for photography and videography projects, and pass that knowledge on to you. The course is set up so that everybody, from beginners to experts, can take something away – we start off by covering critical photography concepts and terminology, and then we’ll show you how to apply it both in the DJI Go app, as well as in real world flight scenarios.

Photo Editing

The Dronegenuity Photo Editing Course will help give you a competitive edge by teaching you how to improve the drone photos you already have.  The course content is tailored to drone pilots who don’t have any experience with editing programs. We will teach you how to edit photos to perfection using the industry-standard photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom. Our course is beginner-friendly and is entirely self-paced, so you never feel like you’re falling behind. By the end of it, you’ll understand the functionality that Lightroom offers and be able to leverage that functionality to edit photos like a pro!

Enroll now to learn how to fly, and to take your first step towards becoming an FAA certified drone expert!

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