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Off-Road in Oklahoma

NTR Offroad recently announced its Grand Opening in late September, 2016 and we were happy to help them get some aerial images of their land, campground, and RV park.  The beautiful land covers more than 500 acres (approximately one square mile) and offers multiple ATV trails and mudpits in addition to a large camping area.  

The NTR land is located in Bennington, Oklahoma, near Durant.  The facility is located in Bryan County along the Texas/Oklahoma border and is within a short travel distance of Sherman and Denison, Texas, as well as Ardmore, OK.  

The drone used to photos and video were shot using a DJI Inspire 1 drone and were taken in October, 2016.  

We were unfortunately too busy flying our drones to do any serious mudding or camping, but we hope to be back in the near future!

Please let us know if you would like to learn more about drone photography in Texas or in Oklahoma.  Happy mudding!


NTR Camp Office

An overhead view of the park office and main entrance.

mud pits

A few of the mud pits featured at NTR.


trees on a hill

A beautiful view of some of the hills and trees.


A view of the land from a different angle.



About the Author

Adam Shore

Adam is a Central Florida alum who recently left the Orlando area to relocate to Denver, where he enjoys shooting aerial photography of the Rocky Mountains. And to ski. He is a member of the AMA and was been a drone photographer since the early days of the industry. Follow him @dronegenuity.