Aerial Photography for Legal Professionals

High Resolution Photos

Get magazine-quality aerial stills and provide click-worthy imagery to showcase your property. Simply provide a shot list or tell us what you want to feature. We’ll do the rest.

Custom Aerial Video

Get a fully customizable video of a property or setting in question. We handle all the editing.

  • Critical Precision

    Capture specific and up-to-date imagery.

  • Reliable

    Work with a team you can trust.

  • Stress Free

    We’ll take care of the aerial photography and image editing for you.

Aerial photos and videos can provide compelling and current evidence in the courtroom. Satellite imagery is often aged and the establishments and landmarks depicted can be outdated. We can provide imagery of a particular location that will closely resemble the scenery when an event in question occurred.

Compelling aerial photography can help legal professionals help their clients avoid costly litigation, and if a case does go to trial, the images can serve as powerful supporting evidence that can influence a judge or jury.

Work with a company, not “a guy with a drone.”

By partnering with Dronegenuity, you are working with a team of professionals and experienced businesspeople who understand sales & marketing. We can provide consistent and reliably excellent service when and where you need it.

We maintain strict adherence to the legal guidelines set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • All of our pilots are certified by the FAA to fly for non-recreational purposes.
  • We proactively seek authorization from the agency if the location and above airspace requires ATC notification.
  • We follow any additional guidelines as mandated by a state or local government.

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