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Dronegenuity Launches Part 107 Training Online

Dronegenuity is proud to announce our new training initiative! We’re launching the program with our Part 107 Test Prep course, designed to help aspiring drone pilots become certified to fly drones commercially. This course covers all of the topics that you’ll see on the FAA’S Part 107 exam – focusing on the skills you really need – with some valuable bonus information provided to improve your understanding of the general aviation ecosystem and terminology. Individuals who pass the FAA-administered exam can become licensed to fly drones for commercial purposes. Our Part 107 Test Prep course is now available to anyone who would like to earn a Remote Pilot Certification, or renew their existing one!

“Dronegenuity performs a large volume of commercial drone projects every day for our clients around the world; we’re not merely academics. I think our customers will appreciate receiving training from a company that has practical experience getting paid real money, by real customers, to perform the drone services students hope to someday provide.”

Our program is uniquely qualified to provide you with the best-in-class drone training on the market. As many of you know, we’re not merely academics – we have practical experience working with expert pilots across America, and have leveraged that experience to design a course that dives deep into the complex topics that trip people up for the exam, and in the field. In other words, we’ve designed the course to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to ace the exam!

Lockdowns and social distancing measures enacted by local governments and municipalities since the COVID-19 crisis have led to soaring unemployment numbers as hard-working Americans have been forced out of work, often at no fault of their own. We believe that this course offering will help those who have lost income due to layoffs or reduced hours find another avenue for opportunity. We fundamentally believe that adversity can breed innovation. The current economic climate could be a great time for new entrepreneurs to finally start that new business or side-hustle.

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Over the past several months, we have seen unabated growth in demand for drone services such as commercial real estate photography, construction site monitoring, aerial surveying, and thermal imaging, despite the challenging economy. Pilots who are seeking to capitalize on the growing number of use cases for drones should consider this course as an opportunity to break into the field.  Students who pass the Part 107 exam will have the opportunity to join our large and growing Dronegenuity pilot network, a group that includes thousands of pilots across the United States and 32 countries.

The best part is, this is just the beginning. At Dronegenuity, we’re constantly working to provide new and valuable content to drone pilots of all skill levels, so keep an eye on our page to watch for new developments and course offerings!


Get Certified to Fly Commercially

The Dronegenuity Part 107 Test Prep Course does a deep dive into all of the topics that are covered on the FAA’s Part 107 Exam. This exam is required for drone users who intend on using their drone commercially. In other words, if you intend on making money with your drone, this course sets you up to take the FAA’s exam and get your certification. We’ll cover topics such as FAA regulations, weather, radio communications, sectional charts (of course), the national airspace system, and more. Enroll now to take your first step towards FAA certification.



Do You Have What it Takes to be a Dronegenuity Trainer?

Dronegenuity is accepting applications from skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced drone pilots who can eloquently communicate their know-how to students.  If this is you, please consider applying to join our elite group of drone experts.  We are highly selective, but if you have strong background in aeronautical knowledge, aerial photography, orthomosaic mapping, thermal imaging, or video production, we’d love to hear from you.



About the Author

Erik Steiner

Customer intimacy is the name of the game to Erik – he’s got deep experience in a diverse breadth of roles that required an in-depth understanding of stakeholders’ needs. Since joining the company, Erik has focused on establishing strong ties with both our pilot network, as well as our business clients, in order to better understand their fundamental needs. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Erik worked tirelessly to release top-tier courses for anyone who wanted to break into the industry. He fundamentally believed that developing and launching Dronegenuity’s course platform was the single most impactful way that the company could contribute to elevating the drone industry across the country. This guiding mindset will continue to drive the growth of the course offerings for years to come, allowing more households to break into the drone industry, supplement their income, and gain targeted knowledge that will differentiate them from the pack.