Drone Accessory Gift Giving Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the drone pilot in your life? Drones themselves can an outstanding, but sometimes pricey choice, so if you are looking for a more affordable gift option, try an accessory that they can add to their existing drone! Check out our drone gift guide if you think a drone would make the perfect present.  As drones get more popular, so do accessories to make the flight experience even better. Starting from under $10, there are tons of drone accessories on the market today for any type of drone. The following accessories will make great gifts for drone lovers this holiday season.

Drone Backpack

For Phantom ($66)
For Mavic ($100)

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Drones keep getting smaller and smaller, because portability is important! Adventurers need a way to carry their drones to the next epic destination, and sometimes the carrying cases they come with just aren’t ideal. A drone backpack is the perfect way to lighten the load when hiking and adventuring. They can even carry all your accessories – extra batteries, propellers, controller, etc. While some smaller drones do fit in a regular backpack, drone backpacks like these have designated slots for your drone and all its accessories, making sure it doesn’t get damaged.



Propeller Guards

For Mavic Air ($16)

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Another top concern for drone pilots is running into stuff! Some drones come with built in obstacle avoidance technology, but others do not. Drone’s aren’t cheap – and many pilot’s nightmare is running into something and destroying it. If you know a drone pilot that ever flies indoors, or tends to get a little too close to trees, propeller guards are a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your drone (and the trees!).While these propellers do hinder the performance of the drone slightly, the loss of performance is worth the added protection. 


VR Goggles ($349)


Virtual reality goggles just might be the coolest thing to happen to drone technology in recent years. These FPV goggles allow you to connect to your drone and see what it’s seeing in real time – as if you were flying with your drone! They create an immersive experience that moves the camera with your head movements. If these aren’t the perfect present for a drone enthusiast, I’m not sure what is!


Sun Hood Sunshade  ($17)

sunshade sunshade2

Every drone pilot has struggled with sun glare at one point or another. After all, most flights take place outdoors during the daytime! Using your phone or tablet as a drone controller can be convenient, but can also be difficult to see in direct sunlight. As they are flying, pilots need to watch the screen to make sure they’re framing their shot properly, and also might need to adjust their settings. Sun Shades can help a pilot block the sun from their controller screen while flying on a bright, sunny day. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to use – all you have to do is slide it onto your device!  This sunshade on Amazon fits phones whose screen length is bigger than 4.7 inches but smaller than 5.0 inches, such as iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus, Galaxy Note 5/Note 7/S7 edge.



ND Filters 

For Mavic (set of 4, $109)
For Phantom ($33)

ND phantom ND mavic


A great accessory for drone pilots that are interested in photography is neutral density filters. Like sunglasses for your drone, they reduce the amount of light coming into the lens, which, like sunshades, can be useful on a bright, sunny day. These filters give the photographer much more control over their camera settings, and enable them to get long exposure shots even in the middle of the day. Most drones have specific lenses that fit their cameras, but a couple of common ones are for the DJI Mavic and Phantom, linked below. 

Controller Lanyard ($25)


There’s a lot to keep track of when flying a drone – watching the drone to make sure it doesn’t run into anything, watching the camera to frame your photos, changing settings and setting smart flight modes while already in flight – all while steering the drone itself. Attaching a lanyard frees up one (or both) of your hands to change settings, catch your drone, etc. Controllers, especially Phantom ones, can also get pretty heavy when flying for longer periods of time. Lanyards can also help reduce the weight of holding the controller, making a better flight experience. 


Launch Pad ($60)


I’ve seen drone pilots use beach towels, blankets, and truck beds as landing pads before – and none of them worked very well. Propellers can kick up dirt and dust and leaves, and a proper landing pad provides a clean spot to take off and land and keep that stuff off your camera lens. Bright orange makes an easy target when landing, and also warns people in the area that a drone is flying nearby. These landing pads are quite affordable and highly effective!


Tile Bluetooth Tracker ($30)

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Another nightmare drone pilots all share is losing their drones. Whether it falls out of the sky or loses signal and can’t return to home, most pilots have a horror story or two about losing track of a drone at one point or another. While these trackers were invented to help people keep track of their keys or phone, they’re also great for tracking lost drones! They are bluetooth connected, and have up to 400ft of range. 


Drone Decals ($25)

decals mavic

Or, if you just want to personalize your drone and make it unique, drone decals are a great option! Covering your drone in a bright, neon color can make it easier to see against a blue sky, but there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from. Make your drone as unique as you are! 


Drone Training Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card the drone pilot in your life can use toward advancing his or her career.  Gift cards are currently offered in the amounts of $200, $250, $300, and $500, but feel free to contact us if you have something else in mind.


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Learn More 

We’d love to hear from you if you want to learn more about the benefits of aerial drone photography for the real estate industry. If you’re interested in obtaining your Part 107 Commercial Drone License or other drone training courses, please contact us at Dronegenuity today! We offer professional aerial photography services, performed by FAA licensed drone operators for customers of all sizes. All of the work that we do is completely customized and we make the process simple and convenient.

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