Dronegenuity Officially Enters Babson BETA Challenge

Hudson, MA (PRWEB) February 24, 2017

DronegenuityMassachusetts startup Dronegenuity today announced its entry into Babson College’s annual BETA challenge. Dronegenuity, based out of Hudson, MA and led by CEO and MBA alumnus Dan Edmonson, provides aerial drone services to businesses throughout the United States. The company believes it is in a strong position to compete in the contest that awards cash and prizes to alumni and students who have demonstrated the school’s trademarked virtue of Entrepreneurial Thought & Action (ET&A). The ET&A methodology is a fundamental approach taught at Babson and encourages entrepreneurs to balance action, experimentation, and creativity with a deep understanding of business fundamentals and rigorous analysis as the ideal approach to creating economic and social value.

Edmonson got his inspiration to launch Dronegenuity while working for another promising Babson drone startup, DARTdrones last summer. DART drones provides drone training and classes to help aspiring pilots learn to fly drones. In early 2016, Abby Speicher, CEO of DARTdrones, contacted her former MBA classmate Edmonson for help with her business. Edmonson accepted her offer and soon joined the company, where he developed curriculum, taught an online course, created web content, and managed business development while also assisting with both digital and strategic marketing efforts. It was during this time that Speicher would have filmed her appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, which would eventually air on February 24, 2017.

Edmonson believes Massachusetts could become a hub for drone startups now and in the future. “This is how entrepreneurship and innovation is supposed to work. A company breaks ground and incidentally creates several off-shoots. Maybe Massachusetts will become the Silicon Valley of drone technology & services and Babson will become the leading university for drone startups. Who knows?”

Dronegenuity took flight last year and has already become a leading national provider of aerial photography and drone video services. “The industry is booming and the technology is taking off. Uses for drones are quickly evolving beyond just traditional aerial photography and video filming”, Edmonson continued. Since its inception, Dronegenuity has helped residential and commercial real estate firms create drone videos, construction firms plan sites, legal practices obtain evidence, and more. Dronegenuity plans to significantly expand its 3D modeling and aerial mapping & surveying services in 2017. The company hopes to continue with its expansion by helping agricultural firms make use NDVI technology to monitor crop yields and measure plant health by determining the level of chlorophyll present in vegetation. The company believes strong demand from warm climates such as California and Florida will spread to include most northern states later in the year.

When asked if he too would apply to compete on Shark Tank, Edmonson said, “I think ABC has had all the Babson and drones it can handle for a while”. For now, Edmonson seems content with competing with Babson colleagues and developing Babson’s reputation as a leading institution for drone startups and Entrepreneurial Thought & Action.