Solar Panel Drone Scans & Inspections

In-depth analysis of solar modules and anomaly detection 

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Infrared Solar Scan

Use industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to spot & replace damaged panels for instant ROI. We will capture and detect module and string failures.

Infrared Solar Inspection Package

Detail-rich infrared reports of the operating conditions highlighting inefficiencies and simplifying remediation

Custom Requests

Use industry-leading thermal imaging technology and infrared drone cameras to spot & replace damaged panels for instant ROI. We will work within your parameters to create exactly what you need.

Solar panels should efficiently generate & conserve energy ; they should not waste energy needlessly.

How it Works

Detect Panel Damage

Thermal Imagery can be used to capture potential 'hot spots' on solar panels. A hot spot is a PV cell, or a group of cells, operating at a significantly higher temperature than the rest of the cells of the panel. This can be caused by any of the following: 

  • Deterioration of the PV current due to dust or dirt accumulated on its surface
  • Damaged or broken up cells (mechanical damage, break of protective layers)
  • Resistive heating due to improper cell interconnect
  • Errors in the laying out of the electrical installation-bypass diode etc.
  • Faulty bypass diodes, etc

Any one or more of the above situations can cause a PV cell to be defective. The defective cell starts passing more current than it generates, becoming reverse biased, enters breakdown and uses power instead of generating it, and starts consuming energy generated by nearby cells. This causes it to appear “hotter” than other cells in the image.

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Spot Defects. Maximize Efficiency.

Maximize the output and efficiency of your solar panel array using detailed data from infrared drone imagery. 

Infrared scans of PV systems identify individual module and string failures. These damaged panels can then be replaced, ideally within the manufacturer's warranty, and increase the total output of the solar field. 

Boost the operating efficiency of your solar fields using drone thermography and see an immediate return on your investment. 

Increase Your Solar Field Efficiency
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How Our Drone Services Work

Simple. Convenient. Completely Custom.

We provide drone photography services nationwide and offer provide professional consistency and reliability for your brand.  Our scale is large enough to enable fast turnaround times and eliminate any and all travel fees or expenses that could otherwise be borne by clients. The expert drone operators within our network are vetted and proven, and are ready to take on any project you send our way.

We offer flexibility to adapt our services for any project and provide a simple solution for getting quality results.

Contact us today and turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story in three easy steps.

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