Precoat Metals

For this project we collaborated with Precoat Metals to take a variety of aerial photos of their many factory locations. We sent our skilled pilots out to each location, where they took multiple shots to get the best angle possible.

Project Highlights

What we did

We communicated and collaborated with both Precoat Metals and some of our best pilots to coordinate the drone shots at each of the locations. The pilots sent their drones airborne, and then captured photos from above of Precoat’s factories.

  • Collaboration
  • HD Aerial Photos
  • Multiple Altitudes and Angles

About the Drone

The DJI Mavic Pro brings unbelievable performance to an unbelievable form factor. It packs the latest tech from DJI and captures amazing images.


  • 12MP HD Camera
  • 4K Stabilized Video
  • 40mph Flight Speed


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