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Music Videos Featuring Impressive Drone Shots

In a world saturated with new songs, artists, and bands, every aspiring musician needs to be bolder than ever before to rise to the top. While this definitely applies their sound, the same is also said for their music videos, as billions of viewers flock to Youtube each day. Some artists looking to up their presentation game have relied on drones to create a cool new way of showcasing their talent. Let’s check out some of the best ones below. 

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down 


Indie band OK Go is famous for their out-of-the-box music videos, and their 2014 release was no different. Shot entirely in one take, the band and their team rehearsed for long hours in order to perfect the highly-choreographed dance and movement. With a sky-high finale you’ll just have to see yourself to believe, drones were essential in capturing wide, high altitude shots. It’s the type of ambitious project only drones could pull off. 


GFRIEND – Love Whisper 


With South Korean sensations like BTS and BLACKPINK taking over American airwaves, it’s no surprise that the K-pop genre has also used drones to elevate their music videos to a new, fan-pleasing standard. One of the country’s currently highest-selling girl groups, GFRIEND, collabed with ZANYBROS, one of South Korea’s top production teams on their 2017 song “Love Whisper.” The team used DJI equipment to create sweeping, dynamic shots of the girls’ summery song and dance. 


VWLS – High in Heaven


VWLS, who calls San Jose, California, their home, utilized 200+ choreographed drones for the 2020 music video “High in Heaven.” Working with Firefly Drone Shows and Hobbes, this large-scale creative endeavor uses drones to create a face shape in the night sky that sings along with VWLS’s music. 


Samsung – Over The Horizon 2018


A music video for a phone ringtone? It’s more likely than you think. Each generation of Samsung phones come with a fresh rendition of the company’s signature ringtone, “Over the Horizon.” In 2018, Samsung decided to take the song to the next level, mixing classical composition and performance with beautiful portraits of our Earth. The latter aspect couldn’t have been done without drones, which helped perfect the inspiring images of Mother Nature.


BTS – On 


Drone production team DroneGear helped seven-member Korean boy group BTS, who were named Artist of the Year by TIME Magazine, perfect their 2020 music video, ON. A massive production filmed in Southern California, the boys’ epic saga-like creation was shot using the DJI inspire 2 X7 and the 24mm and 35mm lens, paired with the Tiffen NATural ND filter line. Such modern technology paid off, as the video has garnered over 230 million views in less than a year. 


Drake – God’s Plan 


Canadian rapper Drake is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop right now, with his tracks garnering billions of streams. In the video for his hit song God’s Plan, Drake brings surprises and joy to the people of Miami by greeting his fans and making large donations to charity organizations. The video went viral not only for the rapper’s generosity, but also some beautiful aerial shots of the Florida city and a high school Drake visited for filming. Such shots were captured with a UAV, seen in behind-the-scenes footage plastered over Twitter. 

While those were only a few of the music videos shot with drones, we’re excited to see this awesome mesh between music and technology further take off in the coming years.


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