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We’re Looking for a Few Good Pilots

Dronegenuity is a leading national provider of aerial drone services including aerial photography, video, and mapping.  And we’re just getting started!  We have projects everywhere and are looking to add to our drone pilot roster.  You can apply via our online pilot application, or check out other opportunities on our career opportunities page to learn more.  

  1. You like flying your UAV and have good control over it, so why not make some extra money while flying it!
  2. You get to go to places you never thought you would go to! For our projects, we’ve sent pilots to parties and business events, various geographic locations, and diverse industry establishments.  Our pilots have really enjoyed getting amazing footage at all these places for both small and large companies.
  3. You get to learn a lot from doing projects like the ones we work on, in terms of operating UAVs, shooting videos and images, how different industries want different footage, working on field and making decisions on the go.
  4. You get to be a part of our vast network of pilots making money for flying their drones.  Whether you are a full-time photographer, or if you just want a side hustle, we can help you make it work.
  5. We take care of our pilots (at least the ones who deserve it!), and give new pilots a shot at professional aerial photography. Every member on the Dronegenuity corporate team is a pilot/a photographer, so we understand the needs of our pilots.
  6. We constantly try to educate our pilots about best practices when it comes to using their UAVs and getting footage, a skill that they’ll continue to use for as long as they fly!
  7. We don’t make our pilots work for nothing! All the work they do is useful, to us and to our customers.
  8. We love flying and so do you!


About the Author

Adam Shore

Adam is a Central Florida alum who recently left the Orlando area to relocate to Denver, where he enjoys shooting aerial photography of the Rocky Mountains. And to ski. He is a member of the AMA and was been a drone photographer since the early days of the industry. Follow him @dronegenuity.