DroneDeploy Troubleshooting – How to Connect Your Drone

Drones can do much more than simply capture amazing photos and video. DroneDeploy is a powerful mapping application you can use to create orthomosaics, 3D maps, digital elevation models, and more. Simply download the app to your device, create an account, and you should be on your way to creating data-rich maps and interactive models.

Having trouble connecting your drone to the DroneDeploy mobile application? No problem. Thankfully, through some trial and error, we’ve developed a reliable system for getting your DJI Drone to connect with DroneDeploy successfully. Watch the video below to see how its done!

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Here Are the 4 Simple Steps:

Don’t have time for the video? No worries. Simply follow the steps outlined below to get your DJI drone successfully connected to the DroneDeploy application.

1. Clear App Defaults

This applies only to Android users. When you first power on your drone and connect your phone to the controller, you may have gotten a pop-up saying, “Choose an app for the USB device.” You may have tapped on the DJI Go 4 app (we know we did), and you may have tapped always. Now connecting your phone to the remote automatically launches the DJI Go 4 app. Super convenient, but not what we want. To reset the app default, or in other words prevent DJI Go 4 from being the default app for your remote controller USB accessory, navigate to your phone settings and scroll down until you see a section titled “Apps.” Find the DJI Go 4 app, tap on it, and then tap on the “Open by default” section. Here you should see an option to clear defaults. If your devices says you have no defaults set and your button is grayed out, then you’re ready to move on.

2. Power on Drone & Launch DJI Go

It may seem counter-intuitive to launch the DJI Go app when you’re trying to connect with DroneDeploy, but trust us, it’s for good reason. The DJI Go app monitors the status of your drone, lets you see any warnings, and allows you to format your micro SD card. By launching the DJI Go app first, you can verify your drone is ready to fly and minimize any potential errors in DroneDeploy. It’s also a good time to make sure your drone is in the Positioning mode, as this is the flight that works best with DroneDeploy.

3. Fully Quit DJI Go App

Only one app can connect to your drone at a time. After checking to make sure your drone is ready to fly in the DJI Go application, it’s important to fully quit the app so the DroneDeploy app can connect to the drone. To do this on iPhones, double click the home button and then swipe up on the DJI Go application card. Android users can simply tap the multitasking button and then slide left or right on the DJI Go app card. (As a side note, it’s also generally best to quit all your other open applications while attempting to connect and fly your drone. This typically allows for the best performance and reliability).

4. Launch the DroneDeploy App

Now you can finally launch the DroneDeploy application! DroneDeploy should see your drone and automatically connect with it. If this doesn’t happen, then simply try quitting the DroneDeploy app and restarting your drone and controller. Android users may see the “Choose an app for the USB device” popup again. This time make sure to tap “DroneDeploy,” and then tap “Just once.” iPhone users won’t be getting these popups, but a simple restart should be all you need to get your drone recognized and connected to DroneDeploy. At this point your drone should be connected, and you’re ready to take flight for your DroneDeploy mission!


Need More Help?

Following the above steps should allow your DJI drone to successfully connect with DroneDeploy. If you run into other unforeseen errors, you can also check out DroneDeploy’s Troubleshooting Guide on their support forum. Their 3 recommended steps for solving most errors are:

  1. Make sure your firmware is up to date
  2. Format your micro SD card
  3. Power cycle the drone and reinstall the DroneDeploy app

Hopefully you find this information helpful, and you are able to take to the skies and utilize the powerful aerial mapping software DroneDeploy has created.

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