New York, NY

Project Overview

Aerial photography is a great way to showcase your building or development project. It allows you to capture the architecture of the building, nearby surrounding landmarks or locations, and provide a great overview of your property. For this project in New York, we captured a beautiful property located just a couple of blocks from the waterfront, right near the Word Trade Center. The aerial imagery highlights the building and nearby area. The photos were used for marketing and promotional purpsoes.

Address230 Vesey St, New York, NY 10281

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aerial drone photo of Wold Trade Center building in New York, NY
drone photo of World Trade Center building in New York, NYaerial drone photo of Manhatten, NY
drone photo of entrance to building in New York, New Yorklow altitude aerial drone photo of street with fall foliage in New York, New York
top down aerial drone photo of commercial building in New York, NY

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